where we Started

For 40 years, We were the go to hardcore gym and a brand has been one of the top leaders in the fitness industry. Pro’s Gym has continued to steadily gain global attention and attracts thousands of visitors from The Arnold Sports Festival every year.

The Pro’s Gym name and logo provides its gyms instant recognition and credibility associated with an internationally registered trademark and service mark symbolic with quality in the health and fitness industry.

Where we are Headed

Today, Pro’s Gym is in the midst of tremendous growth and expansion. One reason for this surge in membership and facilities has been Pro’s Gym’s ability to not only accommodate the conditioned market, but to also attract mainstream consumers and fitness enthusiast by providing excellent fitness facilities. The Pro’s Gym Trademark is associated with service and quality, and is apparent throughout each and every Pro’s Gym that opens its doors to over 1.2 million dedicated members.

It is not uncommon to see an A-list celebrity training at The Columbus Ohio Pro’s Gym,

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